When used car dealers give you lemons, we’ve got your lemon aid
Car problems used to be easy to diagnose and most issues could be fixed with basic handyman skills, a tool box and a little elbow grease. Those days are long gone.

Cars now have more electrical parts than the first Mercury Satellite - and they're only getting more complicated. The average buyer was never able to differentiate between a lemon and a cream puff in the used car lot without X-Ray vision.

Until now...
With CARbonga SRI:

• Receive up-to-date recall information on vehicles 1996 or newer.
• Have automatic TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) alerts sent directly to mobile devices.
• Avoid getting stuck with a lemon's costly fixes.
• Discover the truth about your used vehicle before it's too late.
• Purchase your next used car with confidence and peace of mind.
CARbonga SRI is the world's first mobile "lemon detector," a smart phone App that provides you with up-to-the-minute recall information before you decide to buy. With a one-time $4.99 purchase, you can put all* of the vehicles' safety recall information in the palm of your hand - literally.

When purchasing a used car it's easy to be serenaded by the pretty new paint and shiny-rimmed tires, but a lemon with sleek polish is still a lemon inside. Without CARbonga SRI looking under the hood, your making an invisible and often dangerous purchase.

* Most vehicles.
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CARbonga-SRI Now Includes Most 2012 & 2013 Vehicles.
Vehicle list has been updated. 2014 vehicles are coming soon.

Updated Push Notification System.
Recalls are checked daily. Recieve newly issued recalls for vehicles you have saved.

New Delete Vehicle Feature.
Have multiple cars saved to the app? Delete vehicles you no longer wish to save.
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